Thursday, 15 October 2009

It's business time!

It was my birthday yesterday and having had the day off work to spend with my wonderful husband and take stock of our home/life/work situations we have now launched into a creative, organising frenzy! "The Craft Room" is having an overhaul and much of the childrens old clothes (and my pre baby wardrobe) is charity bound, the house is getting cleaner and more organised by the hour, the lack of claustrophobia has given me a crafty new lease of life and I have made 33 cards and 10 hairclips in the last 48 hours, Adam has made a beautiful new banner for my shop and things seem to be going in the right direction, I spoke to a nice lady at Magic Number Three in saltaire about stocking my cards today and I'll deffinitely be putting some in my mum's shop in Crossroads, Maybe we'll make a few pennies yet this year!